• Dragon House 25


    April 22nd, 2017 at 4pm at Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco!

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    Weight-in April 21st 11am, at the Dragon House, 4696 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112, Will be open to the public.

  • Dragon House 25 Fight Card

    Coming soon!

    Fight Card subject to change
    April 22nd @ Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco

    Pro: Sean Tucker

    Age 28, High 6'2, Weight 265lbs, Record 0-2

    GYM: Fight Kore MMA

    Pro: Mauricio Blanco

    Age 28, High 6'2, Weight 250lbs, Record 2-0

    GYM: Dragon House.

    Pro: Jose Perez

    Age 33, High 5'7, Weight 145lbs, Record 2-1

    GYM: Antdawg's USH

    Pro: Jordan Mapa

    Age 22, High 5'9, Weight 145lbs, Record 0-0

    GYM: El Nino Training Ctr

    Pro: Daniel Gonzalez

    Age 21, High 5'7, Weight 125lbs, Record 0-0

    GYM: AKA

    Pro: Brandon Bettencourt

    Age 28, High 5'6, Weight 125lbs, Record 1-0

    GYM: El Nino Training Ctr

    Amateur: Ronnie Oyler

    Age 37, High 5'7, Weight 155lbs, Record 0-2

    GYM: Excessive Aggression.

    Amateur: Eric Jackson

    Age 40, High 5'9, Weight 155lbs, Record 0-2

    GYM: Fight Addition MMA

    Amateur: Juan Avalos

    Age 22, High 5'8, Weight 205lbs, Record 0-1

    GYM: Esteem BJJ

    Amateur: Eric Jackson

    Age 21, High 5'11, Weight 205lbs, Record 0-0

    GYM: Bay Area Combat Sambo

  • Dragon House Announcements

    Dragon House 24 Nov 12th 2016, More info coming soon!

  • Sponsorship

    The Basic Sponsorship Package starts at $350, it will have your logo on all flyers and posters for each upcoming event. This package also enables you to hang banners at the event with an addition of 2 general admission tickets.


    The Silver Sponsorship Package starts at $750, it will have your logo on all flyers and posters for each upcoming event. This package also allows you have a booth in the venue to sell your merchandise. You receive 4 wristbands to run your booth.


    The Gold Sponsorship Package starts at $1000, it will have your logo on all flyers, posters, and cage floor for each upcoming event. This package also includes 2 Ringside Seat tickets.

  • Weekly Class Schedules

    These are the training class schedules for the Dragon House MMA. Private Classes are available, please contact us for further details. 


    Monday Class Schedule

    Conditioning Class (12 noon - 1pm)

    Kid's Class (4:30pm - 6pm)

    Gi BJJ Class (6:15pm - 7:30pm)

    Wrestling Class (7:30pm - 9pm)

    Open Mat (9 - 9:30pm)


    Tuesday Class Schedule

    Gi Jiu Jitsu (12noon -1:15pm)

    Conditioning Class (1:15pm - 2pm)

    Wrestling Class (6pm -7pm)

    No Gi BJJ (7pm - 9pm)

    Kung Fu (7pm- 9pm)

    Open Mat Sparring (9 - 9:30pm)


    Wednesday Class Schedule

    Conditioning Class (12noon - 1pm)

    Gi BJJ (6:30pm - 7:30pm)

    Shan Shou Kickboxing (7:30pm - 9pm)

    Open Mat Sparring (9pm - 9:30pm)


    Thursday Class Schedule

    Gi Jiu Jitsu (12noon - 1:15pm)

    Conditioning Class (1:15pm- 2pm)

    Kid's Class (4:30pm - 6pm)

    MMA (7pm - 9pm)

    Kung Fu (7:30pm- 9pm)

    Open Mat Sparring (9pm - 9:30pm)



    Friday Class Schedule

    Conditioning Class (12noon- 1pm)

    Wrestling Class (6pm -7pm)

    MMA Class (7pm - 9pm)




    Saturday Class Schedule

    Kid's Class (11am - 1pm)

    Kung Fu (1pm - 3pm)

    MMA Class (1pm - 3pm)

  • Dragon House

    A school, a live MMA event series, and a family

    The School

    The MMA hub of Southern SF

    Dragon House is a 4000 sq ft mixed martial arts (MMA) facility. Located in San Francisco’s Outer Mission District. We have an extensive curriculum in all forms of MMA. From Sanshou Kickboxing, Mongolian wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and grappling. At the Dragon House MMA gym we train all aspects of MMA as well as other fighting systems. Sifu Luo's roots stem from traditional Chinese Kung Fu and teaches both the Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) and Lung Ying (Dragon) styles. We also train in weapons attack and defense, and general body conditioning. Dragon House welcomes all levels of athletes and martial arts enthusiasts from hobbyist to professional competitors.

    Dragon House is a good environment, we practice safely, respect each other, and all have a love for martial arts one way or another. Come visit us today.



    • Full MMA Gym
    • Over 4,000 sq.ft of training space.
    • 8 panel MMA training cage.
    • Traditional Chinese Kung Fu
    • Chinese Sanshou
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    • Mongolian Wrestling
    • Men, Women, and Kids Classes

    MMA Events

    The best live mixed martial arts events in Northern California

    For the last 6 years we have been hosting the largest, most exciting fights in Northern California, showcasing the best amateur and pro talent from around the West Coast and beyond.


    If you're a fighter, coach, fan, or student, contact us to get involved.

    Professional Athlete management

    Find your real potential

    Our team at Dragon House have a vast knowledge and participation in the world of Martial Arts.  We know what it takes to compete at a pro level.  The focus of a fighter should be to train.  Don't let paperwork, marketing, and promotion get in the way of your training.  Train here, and as we train you, we will prep you for your job.  You fight, we do the rest.

    Sifu Zhong Luo

    Founder and Owner of Dragon House

    Zhong Luo was born into kung fu royalty in Foshan, China, the son of Bak Mei Grand Master Mai Yu Qiang. (He was recently awarded the prestigious 6th degree Black Belt by the Chinese government.)

    His whole young life was consumed by martial arts. At age 3 his training began, and by age 5, he was performing with the Chinese Circus. He then began his studies with his father and eight uncles; all of whom were kung fu masters in different styles including Hung Gar, Praying Mantis, Long Ying (“Dragon Style”) and Bak Mei (“White Eyebrow”). At age 12, he started studying San Shou (Chinese kickboxing), and at age 14 added power lifting and Mongolian wrestling. By 16, he was a professional San Shou fighter and competitive bodybuilder. He never stops learning; he has been a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner since 2001 and currently holds a brown belt under Clovis Silva.

    Life for him wasn't always formal martial arts study. The streets of Foshan were rough, and Zhong quickly learned how to defend himself against street fighters, gangsters, and thieves. This mixture of keen street smarts and professional martial arts knowledge makes him the crossroads between theory and practical application, and between forms and deadly force.

    Sifu Luo came to San Francisco in 1996. Shortly after his arrival, he began teaching his unique mix of kung fu, fitness, and fighting. For the last 18 years, he’s grown his school from a few students in a garage, to progressively larger places. Now his home is a 4,000 square-foot facility in the Outer Mission known as “Dragon House”. There, practitioners can study traditional Bak Mei and Long Ying kung fu as well as learn mixed martial arts including competitive MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Mongolian Wrestling, grappling, kickboxing, San Shou, and bare-knuckle sparring.

    Sifu Luo has trained law enforcement officers from various agencies, security guard companies, and world-class athletes including members of the 2013 New Zealand Americas Cup sailing team. He has certified dozens of kung fu masters who now have schools of their own in Greece, Russia, Germany, and throughout the U.S.

    He coaches professional and amateur MMA fighters and continues to expand into the world of professional fighting competitions throughout the United States. His current roster has over 30 amateur and professional MMA fighters competing nationally.

    In addition to teaching and training fighters of his own, he puts on large competitive MMA events in the Bay Area, also known as “Dragon House”. He held his first event in 2008 at the school, then quickly expanded into various large venues in San Francisco and Oakland. Several times a year, the best professional (and amateur) fighters in California come together in Dragon House events to show the world their skills.

    Zhong Luo organizes bi-annual trips to China where kung fu and MMA practitioners demonstrate their skills at events hosted by the Dragon House Federation - an organization of 100 martial arts schools in China.

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    Dragon House

    4696 Mission St,
    San Francisco, CA 94112


    Office: 415-349-4467

    Fax: 415-349-4408

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